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Why is Nora Fathi anti-feminist?

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Nora Fathi – file photo

Famous Bollywood dancer Vadakara Nora Fatehi says feminism has ruined our society.

Nora Fathi said in a recent interview. This is that the ideology propagated in society in the name of feminism goes against the natural system and traditional values ​​of our family.

He said that the family system is being destroyed in the name of women’s freedom through the ideology that A woman’s primary responsibility is raising children and taking care of the home. And she was able to fulfill her dreams even within her limits.

The actress said that the feminist movement was started to provide basic rights to women.

He said that men and women are equal as human beings. But both play different roles in society where men cannot be equal to women and women cannot be equal to men.

Noura Fathi also said she supports giving women basic rights, such as girls receiving an education. But when feminism goes against the natural order in the name of women’s freedom? It is dangerous to society.

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