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Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are good players. But not the entire team, Mohammad Hafeez.

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Former Pakistan Cricket Captain Mohammad Hafeez said Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan are good players. But not the whole team

In an exclusive interview with Geo News, Mohammad Hafeez said that even in case of failure, Saeem Ayub should be fed the T20 World Cup opener.

Regarding the selection of the team, Mohammad Hafeez said that Mohammad Amir, Imad Wasim and Usman Khan are good players but there is a selection process. Three players have played domestic cricket. before And when they perform well, they will be selected for the national team. If by Lifeboat, if selected, it will send the wrong message to cricketers in the country.

Mohammad Hafeez said he was saddened by allegations that the former chairman had accepted suggestions regarding Pakistani coaches.

As for the coach’s criticisms, he said that I had already taken a level 1 coaching course. Coaching courses are studies that must be done. But coaching courses aren’t everything. Enter the national team coach.

‘The process of removing me was deplorable.’

He said the former PCB chairman stated that Pakistan’s coaching staff were dishonest. Thousands of local coaches have been hurt by such remarks. There are legends in Pakistan that are revered all over the world.

He said his international cricket experience in coaching cannot be ignored. The process of removing me from the position of team director was regrettable.

‘People in PCB have a slave mentality’

The former captain said that people at PCB have a slave mentality. I think foreign coaches should be like that. I have never seen any local coaches accept this advice. This feeling is wrong.

Regarding the breakup of the opening pair of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Hafeez said that it was not that Babar and Rizwan were not good players, but that they were not a complete team. Bringing Saim Yab as The T20 opener is considered a solution. in my view

Feedback on hitting order

He said that Babar and Rizwan cannot carry the burden of the entire team alone. Babar has been batting at No. 3 for many years. Playing at No. 3 in T20s does not make any difference.

Muhammad Hafeez said: If I make a mistake by changing the opener. Why did Sam Yab open today? If Saim, Rizwan are the openers, Babar plays at number 3 and Fakhar at 4, the top order will be strong.

He said Babar Azam is a strong batsman who can play in all conditions even if Saim fails, he should be given the right to open the T20 World Cup because he is a fearless batsman. Criticism of this type of player should allow that Saim is a three-format player.

Muhammad Hafeez talks about the changing strike rate in cricket. There really is less continuity. But the performance is likely to have an impact. Other teams aren’t dependent on one or two players. New players give results in every match.

Compare Babur and Virat

On a comparison between Babar Azam and Virat Kohli, the former captain said that there is no comparison between Babar and Kohli as Kohli’s performance for India has been outstanding. Babar is the best player yet who has done more for Pakistan.

He said about Babar Azam that such criticism is wrong that Babar Azam has to do everything in batting. Babar has to improve his skills according to modern day cricket. He knows where to improve in PSL.

Regarding the league’s NOC issue on the last tour of New Zealand, Hafeez said I was unnecessarily included in the league’s NOC issue. I am not affiliated with the NOC of the player’s league.

He said that there is already a three-year contract between the PCB and the players regarding the league. All the players signed contracts allowing them to play in three leagues apart from the PSL. Kaya said that according to the contract, a player’s first priority should be to play for their country.

Expectations from the Pakistan team in the World Cup

As for Pakistan’s chances of winning the T20 World Cup, Mohammad Hafeez said that Pakistan’s T20 team has the talent but just lacks confidence.

He said the change in PCB management would also affect national cricket teams.

Opinions on the Indian-Pak series

Mohammad Hafeez said that if they cannot visit each other’s countries Pakistan-India cricket should also be played at a neutral venue.

As for next year’s Champions Trophy, Mohammad Hafeez said that India should come to Pakistan to play the Champions Trophy because Pakistan-India cricket is watched not only by the two countries. But it is also viewed all over the world.

He said politics should be ignored. And sports should be at the front. All three formats of cricket should be revived between Pakistan and India.

He went on to say that I would be happy if Pakistan went to India. And India will come to Pakistan.

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