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Volcano erupts again on Iceland’s peninsula

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The eruption of a new volcanic fissure on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland has prompted the Icelandic police to declare a state of emergency. This marks the fourth such eruption in the area since December.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) reported that the eruption started between Stora Skogfell and Hakafell on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Live footage showed lava spewing and smoke billowing from the site.

Authorities dispatched a helicopter to determine the exact location of the new fissure, while police declared a state of emergency due to the eruption. The lava flow is moving south toward the fishing village of Grindavík, prompting concerns for its safety.

The eruption is occurring close to the site of a previous eruption on February 8. The lava flow is estimated to be 2.9 kilometers long and is moving at a speed of approximately 1 kilometer per hour toward Grindavík.

The IMO stated that this eruption is considered the largest ever based on preliminary evaluations. The warning period before the eruption was very short, highlighting the unpredictable nature of volcanic activity in the region.

Local media reported evacuations at Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa and in the village of Grindavík. The Swartzengi power plant, which provides electricity and water to thousands of people in the region, has also been evacuated.

Iceland, with 33 active volcanoes, straddles the mid-Atlantic ridge and is prone to volcanic activity due to its location on the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. The recent eruptions in the Reykjanes Peninsula may signal the beginning of a new era of seismic activity in the region.

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